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Paper Covered Wire


Conductor: : aluminum and copper

Diameter Range (mm): : Round aluminum wire and copper round wire: 2.0mm-7.0mm

Diameter Range (mm): : Flat aluminum wire and Flat copper wire: a: 1mm-10mm b: 3mm-35mm

Temp Class: : 105C

Standard: : IEC,NEMA,GB, JIS

Oil-immersed transformer And other similar electrical coil windings

Cable paper covered wire is the winding wire and its condutor is made of oxygen-free copper rod or electrical round aluminum rod through a certain specifications of the extrusion mould or after drawing wire and annealing treatment, and then the copper (aluminum) conductor is wrapped on two or more than two layers of insulating paper (including telephone paper, cable paper, high voltage cable paper, turn-to-turn insulation paper), suitable for oil-immersed transformer coil and other similar electrical winding thread.